Applied Geology and Environmental Sciences Waste Management Services
Applied Geology and Environmental Sciences Waste Management Services
Applied Geology and Environmental Sciences Waste Management Services

Landfill Services

Since 1997, AGES has provided high-quality environmental expertise, specializing in landfill services, for many national and regional utility clients. Over the years, AGES has development and maintained long-term client relationships, some for over twenty years. Through these landfill projects, AGES has demonstrated expertise in the use of various statistical methods, developed cost-effective and technically defensible approaches, and teamed with nationally-recognized experts. In addition, AGES has developed creative approaches that reduced project costs and successfully implemented plans and developed recommendations that resulted in no further action. Our services are listed below along with several project profiles. AGES has the experience, resources, and reputation that exceeds our clients’ expectations with a history of establishing long-lasting professional relationships.

Some of our landfill services include Groundwater Assessment, Statistical Analysis Methods, Data Management, Creative Approaches to Groundwater Monitoring, Groundwater and Surface Water Sampling and Litigation Support.

Waste Characterization and Disposal

Remediation projects generally have the potential to generate several waste streams, including different materials with different impacts and vastly different disposal costs. This is why we specialize in waste characterization and disposal. AGES has extensive experience managing waste generated from small field sampling projects to large-scale demolition in multi-site remediation projects. AGES’ highly-trained and experienced staff are knowledgeable about all requirements for packaging, labeling, characterizing, transporting and disposing of all types and quantities of waste and works closely with each client to determine their specific waste management and disposal needs. Additionally our staff works directly with third party facilities and waste transporters to economically and efficiently manage all wastes including decontamination fluids, sludges, contaminated soil, oil, construction and demolition debris, drill cuttings and muds, TENORM waste and many others.   

Material Transport & DOT Compliance

AGES manages impacted wastes from generation to material transport and disposal. We only transport wastes in strict compliance with federal regulations and our personnel will ensure wastes are properly separated to save on transportation and disposal costs. These wastes will then be appropriately labeled in accordance with DOT regulations and transported under manifest, signed by both the generator and the transporter, with AGES personnel providing oversight. We also generate and maintain a database to track specific types of impacted wastes at all stages of transportation and disposal. This database contains copies of manifests, dates of waste transport and the name and location of the disposal facility for accurate record keeping.

Waste Management Data Systems

With remedial action and waste disposal comes large amounts of data. For the efficient management of this data, we offer our clients a waste data management service. We have deployed countless waste management systems for our clients, for all types of contamination management projects. Our approach is to develop customized solutions that deliver value and exceed customer expectations. This is achieved by using the latest web technologies to deliver data efficiently and by having a clear understanding of the client’s requirements.

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